Bad Airbnb experience in Shinjuku

Extremely disappointed with the host and almost ruin my family holiday in Japan. After tiring trip from Disneyland to Shinjuku by train with husband and kids, we were stranded in front of the slum alley of the apartment in the middle of the night (12am) because he didn’t reply my email and didn’t answer my phone call at all until Airbnb staff called from San Francisco the next day. Never had I experienced trouble like this with other Airbnb hosts before.

We’re lucky that other guests let us in (they also experienced the same trouble before). But when we’re in, our room was already occupied by another group. They said we’re not the only one who had the same trouble that day. So that night we had a rest in tiny living room and my kids took a free bed to sleep (only 2 beds left, we paid for 4 beds).

The next morning we were starving and he didn’t give us password for the room because he said it’s all occupied. We waited until almost mid day (11.30am) to negotiate and a lady came but we cant communicate because she only speaks Mandarin. The host asked us to move to another place which is 10 minutes away by train. Of course we refused it because we dont want to go through the hellish effort carrying 4 big luggages to the train station for the stupid reason. Besides, it’s against Airbnb safety policy.

It’s our kids’ first encounter and the only time we book airbnb during our 2-weeks family vacation in Japan (we stay at hotels the rest of the nights) because I read good reviews from other guests, but I guess it’s not a guarantee that we won’t experience sh1tty things like these. At the end of the day, we decided to move to a good hotel nearby and demand a full refund from the host.

Shinjuku, 8 July 2016 #latepost
Nuniek Tirta Ardianto - back to hotel

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