What I Learned from Grand Leadership Seminar with JOHN MAXWELL in Jakarta, 22/07/16 Session 2 of 2


“Everything worthwhile in life is uphill. And the only way to go uphill is to be intentional.” ~ John Maxwell

3 words describes intentional living:

  1. Deliberate
    They have thought about what they’re doing. Considering it.
  2. Consistence
    Climb, dont slide. Hiking 3 days = sliding 1 day to the point where you started.
  3. Willful
    You make a choice to go uphill.

The challenge of every leader is to get people to live in uphill pattern when they feel the downhill lives.

“Most people don’t live their lives, they accept their lives.”


Be Intentional !

  1. Be intentional in your growth!
    Be intentional in your personal growth. Why? It’s impossible to have a better tomorrow unless you’re growing today. Stay the same is not the way to be successful. We automatically get older. But we dont automatically grow/get better. Growth is not automatic. It’s not natural. John’s dad: I dont pay you to do chores, but I’ll pay you to read books. The sign that you’re growing is yesterday doesnt excite you anymore. If yesterday still excite you, you’re in trouble: you’re not growing!

  2. Be intentional in your attitude!
    Attitude is a choice
    . It’s the difference maker. All things being equal to person with good attitude. The issue is not about the problem/challenge, the issue is about the attitude! The moment I determine to be happy is the moment I realize nobody is responsible to my happiness.

  3. Be intentional in your purpose!
    What’s your purpose in life? The most important days in your life are the day when you’re born, and the day when you find out the reason why you’re here.

    To discover purpose in life, there are 2 paths:
    1. What is my passion? What am I passionate about? What do you love? Do what you love, love what you do. The value about passion is it gives you energy. Because 80% of your time will lead to your purpose. Passion is what energizes us. When you find your passion, you will be discipline about it. Ask these questions to yourself: 1. What makes you happy? 2. What do you cry about? 3. What do you dream about? The answers will help you to find your passion in life. Average people want other people to be average people. The only people that have energy for a long period of time are people that have passion. It’s possible to be passionate about something that you’re not good at, but dont make it as a carreer, make it as a hobby.
    2. What am I good at? What are my strength? But most people are trained to work on their weakness! If you work on your weakness, you will always be an average. You need to know what you do well. In matters of choice, work on your weaknesses. In matters of skills, work on your strengths. In matters of choice in attitude, work on it if it’s any of your weaknesses.

    The life-changing rule of 5: do only 5 most important things everyday. Priority! Focus! Consistent! What do you want to accomplish? Find the right tools.

    John’s rule of 5 in writing: Read. Think. File. Ask questions. Write.
    It took John 4 years to find his rule of 5 in writing. Find out yours!

    The greatest gap in the world is the gap between knowing and doing.

    When opportunity comes it’s too late to prepare!

    To achieve something great you need good people around you. Teamwork makes the dream work.

  4. Be intentional in your significance.
    A person’s significance is the one who adds value to other people. Significance is pretty much about others. Once you’ve tasted significance, success will never satisfy you.

    Rule of 5 in significance (things I do everyday to be significant)
  1. Value people. Because if I value you as a person, I’ll add value to you. It’s the foundation of significance.
  2. Think of ways to add value to people. When I’m with them, how can I add value to them?
  3. Look for ways to add value people. We see things as we are, not as they are. 2 people can be in the same experience but they can get very different value. Dont become harvest-focused, become see-focused. Dont become result-focused, become process-focused.
  4. Add value to people. Who do I add value to today?
  5. Encourage people to add value to other people.

Experience is NOT the best teacher; but EVALUATED experience is.

The greatest way to learn is by evaluating what you learned and pick which one you would implement in your life.

Now I’ll leave you ponder with these question and implement it in your life:

What I’m passionate about:

What I’m good at:

What my rule of 5 (things I wanna do everyday with my passion & talent): 


Have a great, meaningful, intentional life, my dear friends!


Nuniek Tirta

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