Good girl gone bad in parenting

Been holding myself for more than a week not to comment on the young selebgram girl who just got dumped and her brokenhearted vlog went viral. From my timeline and news stream I read people’s opinion about her that’s mostly negative: a good girl gone bad and give bad influence for youth generation. I wasted my time watching her videos and stalked her instagram until finish to observe whether what people think about her is valid. It is, unfortunately.

Been thinking to discuss about this case to my soon-to-be-teenager daughters before they know it from their friends -who might also idolize her too-. It also came across to mind that they’d better be not knowing about it at all, but I guess it’s impossible to sterilize kids from what’s happening around. They would eventually find out by themselves, anyway. So I think, this is a good momentum to let my children learn from other’s experience about the meaning of rebellion, transformation, attention, popularity, friends and family in accordance to juvenile delinquency.

I won’t judge. Who am I to judge?

I was as rebel as her, even when I was younger than her. With a bad peer group, I tried things I never tried before. Guru BK aka counseling teacher who supposed to comfort students, was slandering me instead and unfortunately, my parents trust all the things she said and not even let me say a word. Preaching a rebel teenager is the worst thing you could do to them. They wouldn’t listen. They want YOU to listen.

Well it’s too easy to blame parents on teenage rebellion. To blame that they’re not giving sufficient attention; that they’re being too strict, that they’re too busy, that they’re too bossy, etc. no matter how hard they tried to become the best parent on their own version. I did blame them too, for not giving me ears to listen and not giving me shoulders to cry on when I need them most.

But being a parent, now I know how hard it is to raise children.


No matter how hard we tried our best, there will always be flaws in doing parenting. My parents had tried their best to raise their children in the way they only know. They’ve been a great parents but still, I do rebel as a teenager. That selebgram’s parents are doctos and I don’t believe if they don’t know anything about good parenting. They must have done their best too. But still, they experienced the worst nightmare any parent could have.

So whenever I read comments from parents who spout blasphemy on this selebgram and/or her parents, I was like: be careful there, it’s not impossible that your cute little baby could be  the next! Or even worse, they already are, but you just don’t know coz they’re not as popular as her, and they act as sweet as they could in front of you (like most of my rebellious friends used to do).

Let’s be supportive to each other as parents, for better generations. 

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