What I learned from Grand Leadership Seminar with JOHN MAXWELL in Jakarta, 22/07/16 Session 1 of 2


John Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. He is 69 years old, been married for 47 years. His dad is 94, been married for 67 years before his wife passed away.


Hubby and I bought Gold ticket for his Grand Leadership Seminar in Jakarta last July 22nd 2016, each worth IDR 2,8mio. We went there with other Tiket.com Board of Directors. I equipped myself with bluetooth keyboard to take notes, and here’s what I can share with you.


5 Levels of Leadership

  1. Position.
    Keyword: rights
    People follow because they HAVE to.
    This is a good place to start, but not a good place to stay. With this level they have authority, but they don’t give choice. Having leadership position doesn’t make us a leader! The problem is: you dont get the energy and time and commitment of people u lead because they’re there just to keep the job. In this level 1 company, people clear the desk right on time when the working hour ends.  

  2. Permission.
    Keyword: relationship
    People follow because they WANT you.
    People give you permission to lead them. The energy greatly increased. Energy is related to relationship. When people likes you, they’ll work harder for you. The leader believes the people.

    3 things level 2 leaders do well :

    1. They listen very well. They are great listener.
    2. They learn, observe well, watching people. Why? It’s not what people say, it’s what they do that tells you what you should do.
    3. They lead, they serve. They walk beside the people. A servant leader doesn’t use power to lead, but use relationship. They have people work WITH you, not work FOR you. They have workers, not SLAVE. If you’re at the top all alone, you’re not a leader, you’re a hiker. Leaders are defined by how many people with them. Behavior is a culture. Vision in a company is not nearly important as culture. Because culture is what you do, and what you do determine where you go.

    “In my 30s leadership, I told people what to do. In my 60s leadership, I ask questions. The first responsible in a leader is to listen to people. Why? You have to find your people before you lead your people. And you find your people by asking questions. I need to understand them by listening to them.” ~ John C Maxwell

  3. Production
    Keyword: result
    People folow because of what you have done for the ORGANIZATION.
    People follow level 3 leader because you’ve been successful and they want to be successful too. Level 3 leadership is about winning. They’re successful. You don’t leave leadership position, you build leadership position from 1 to 5.

    3 things level 3 leaders do well:  
    1. Lead by example. People do by what people see. It’s not what u say, it’s what u do to people that makes u great leader. They understand the power of example.
    2. They understand the power of momentum. They not only show people what to do, but create a momentum. When you have positive momentum, people would think the better of they are. To have momentum is leader’s bestfriend. How they create momentum? By results! When you’re winning, nothing hurts. Momentum solves 80% of the problem in ur company. It’s the greatest problem solver in your company!  
    3. They attract better people. How? We attract what we are, not what we want. Be that person! Too many leaders are like travel agent: they told people to go where themselves never go.

  4. People Development
    Keyword: Reproduction; Multiplication.  
    People follow because of what you have done for THEM.  
    Level 4 leaders mentor people. People follow them because they made people’s life better.

    3 things level 4 leaders do well:  
    1. They recruit very well. Why? They understand the secret of getting good people. The key? Having clear picture of who you want to hire. When you recruit people, you gotta have picture of what kind of people you want!  
    2. They position their people well. They put them in the right position.  
    3. They equip well. They’re good at equipping people. Equipping is essential to be successful.

    5 steps of equipping:
    1. I do it! Be able to do what you want uour people to do. You better be good at it. Don’t equip people if you’re bad at it, they’ll be as bad as you.   2. I do it and you are with me. If you really wanna equip your people, never do your business all alone by yourself. Always have somebody with you.  
    3. You coach them, pass the ball to them, they get practice with you.  
    4. You do it!  
    5. Secret sauce: you do it and someone is with you, you’ve never equipped someone until they equip someone else.

    5. Pinnacle
    Keyword: Respect
    People follow because of who you are and what you represent.

I did enjoy the seminar very much, and learned a lot more than this note. Will post the Session 2 after this!

Nuniek Tirta

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