Sweet Escape !

On our family vacation last year to Batu - Malang, I hired a local professional photographer to capture moments while we’re in Batu Secret Zoo. The reason was simply because I don’t want to be missed in the frame, since I was the only one who loves taking pictures.

On our family vacation this year to Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo, I wanted to do the same. But flying a photographer just to take photos of us is so out of the option. I wanted to hire a local professional photographer, but how? And how about the cost, wouldn’t it be so expensive?

Thank God I found out about Sweet Escape, a holiday photography service powered by Axioo photography. Their local photographers are spread in 230 cities worldwide, including those I visit in Japan. I chose Kyoto over Osaka and Tokyo because of its authenticity.

So how does Sweet Escape works? Simple, just visit sweetescape.com for bookings. You will then meet the local photographer in that town, at the appointed venue. How about the cost? Their price is simple. It’s either $400 or €400 for 2 hours photoshoot!

We met our friendly photographer Danica in Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. She’s an Indonesian living in Japan and has day job as an architec. My firstborn has been wishing to be an architect and to live in Japan for so long. So I said, she’s living my daughter’s dream :)

In 3 working days after photoshoot, I got the edited photos ready to be downloaded. Truly hassle free! Was it worth it? Yes, every penny. Will I recommend Sweet Escape to friends? Absolutely. That’s why I’m writing this :)

Nuniek Tirta ~ Love Sweet Escape

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