Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Jakarta 2016

I was just finished accompanying hubby speak in Indonesia E-commerce Summit & Exhibition in ICE, when I saw some gentlemen were busy setting up display of imported books. I knew they must be preparing for Big Bad Wolf Books, but I didn't knew that they are the gentlemen behind that world's greatest book sale!

It was an honor for me to meet them personally. They even took us to the venue, where I saw 1,5 books were delivered by 40 containers! Along the way from IESE venue to BBWB venue, Andrew Yap explained to us the story behind this fenomenal book sale in Malaysia, and he also introduced us to his wife slash partner, Jacqueline Ng. Very friendly and nice people!

And yes, I got the VIP invitation for pre-opening sale of #BBWB for 10 people! See my super happy face!

Of course, I didn't waste my golden chance. Such a priviledge to be the first among millions of #BBWB visitors! No queue, no mess, no packed crowd yet. And of course, I brought my big luggage with me :)

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Nuniek Tirta (@nuniektirta) pada

I'm officially in heaven when I entered this!

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Nuniek Tirta (@nuniektirta) pada

Heaven for kids too! (But I suggest not to bring them if they're not negotiatable yet)

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Nuniek Tirta (@nuniektirta) pada

I bought some cool stuffs for presents stocks, enough supply for 1 year :))

I spent 9 hours in #BBWB from 11pm to 8pm! 2 times break for meals and toilet. I really didn't care that my cellphone is out of battery since lunch time. After a few hour you'll get dizzy looking at the books, so have a break outside and enjoy your meal. You can also charge your gadgets in Mandiri booth.

Turned out, the medium sized luggage was not enough! Unfortunately I had to eliminate one full trolley because I didn't want to bring an extra box with me.

But still, I'm happy. From 5mio budget, I only spent less than a half of it for 45 items of (mostly) imported books!

Really looking forward to the next Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! Be it in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Malaysia, or Bangkok :)

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