I have this list containing Places to Visit Before I Die. When I was about to tick Maldives soon after leaving the island, I noticed that I reached my target 1 year earlier than the specified date.

And then I remember, it is not the first time for me to get my goals fulfilled earlier than the target date.

1. In my younger age, I dreamed of getting married before 26, and have a baby at 27. In reality, I got married at 25, and have a baby at 26.

2. I also dreamed of having our own house before 30. In reality, we bought our first house at the age of 26, just 2 month after I gave birth to our firstborn.

3. The other dream was to have an apartment unit before my children entered primary school. We almost missed this one because our firstborn was already on her 2nd grade, but.. our lastborn was still on kindergarten when we bought the apartment. Plus, we got not only 1, but 2 units of different apartments at the same time. PTL!

We have our family dream board in front of our bedroom, where all family members are entitled to fill it with their own dreams.

Once my lastborn asked:

“Mom, why your dream is coming true but mine is not?”

“Oh, which one?”

“You know, Maldives.”

“Oh. And yours?”

“You know, lego set and Paris.”

“Hmm.. Have you given target date for your dream?”

“What is target date?”

“Specific time for your dream. For example, have a new set of lego in 2015. Or go to Paris in 2016.”

“But I don’t have the money.”

“That’s why. By having target date, you keep thinking some ways to get your dream come true.. Especially when you don’t have the money.”

As a wise man said: a dream without target date is just daydream, but a dream with target date becomes a goal. And it’s always better to raise our ability than to lower our dream.

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