My kinda lucky day :)

Unlike 9/11 13 years ago when tragedy happened in US or 9/11 last year when tragedy happened in my life, 9/11 today I got so much blessings, praise the Lord!

Lucky #1 : Morning, had tiramisu coffee treat by Shirley in Starbucks Lotte while we’re having chat and topic discussion for the next posting in LiveOlive.com

Lucky #2 : Noon, had fun girls talk over lunch with TarQ besties Detha & Antie in Sushi Tei Lotte. I’m so lucky that I got triple treat! First, it’s Sushi Tei’s bday so they offered 20% off for any colored plate, just for today. Second, it’s my bday this month so they give us a bday sushi cake. Third, Detha gave me Bodyshop Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist as bday gift ^.^

Lucky #3 : Afternoon, first time experience with @GrabTaxiID service for FREE from Lotte to Grand Indo. Yep, they have one full week free ride promo from Kuningan-Sudirman-Thamrin area. You can download their apps in your iOs or android devices and try their service. Funny thing is, after the event I ordered GrabTaxi again, and I got the same taxi/driver that drove me there, haha.

Lucky #4 : Got a bunch of L’Oreal Paris cosmetics after attending Women of Worth program launch in The Conservatory. You can nominate any woman between 21 to 60 years of age who gives you inspiration or gives you good influence. She doesn’t have to be someone you haven’t even met like Michelle Obama or Oprah Winfrey, but she must be someone real in your life (like me, maybe? ;p) Open womenofworth.co.id or follow @LorealParisID or check #WomenOfWorthID for more info :)

Lucky #5 : Evening, had dinner with some of Tiket.com directors & managers treated by Gaery (or Tiket?) in Talaga Rasuna Epicentrum for one of their manager’s farewell. On her informal speech, she’s proud of being part of Tiket.com team and love its kinship.

Lucky #6 : Arrived home, V was doing her homework and M was doing math quiz in computer. They both amazed me with excellent score for the exams: some are 100, some 90s, and few 80s, no less than that! #happymom

Thank God for being so generous to me :)

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