Ahpoong Sentul

If you happen to pass by Sentul, in between Jakarta and Bogor, then do drop by at Ahpoong Sentul City. You won’t regret it!

You’d be happy to spend time there with family or your loved one. Very nice ambiance, lotsa choices of delicious Indonesian food & beverage.

If you drive, I suggest you park inside Belanova Mall, because parking lot in front of Ahpoong itself is so small and almost always full. Besides, the mall has direct access to Ahpoong via beautiful bridge. Good spot to take pics :))

Furthemore, you’ll also experience EcoArtPark just before you reach Ahpoong at the end of the bridge. You & your kids could enjoy some artistic statues, experience science features, observe some plants and animals. My kids scream out loud when they see lotsa snails!

From EcoArtPark, cross the yellow bridge to get you to Ahpoong. There, you have plenty choices of Indonesian & international food to try. Getting a seat could be tricky though, especially during lunch/dinner and on weekends. My suggestion, try the backside of Ahpoong that’s heading to west view. Not only you’ll get seats easier, but also better view with sunset!

Did I mention that this place also offer FREE BOAT RIDE around the river? WITHOUT minimum purchase, and UNLIMITED RIDE. You can even try to sail the boat just the two of you and your loved one if you want!

Good idea to propose a girl on the boat along the river during sunset, isn’t it? Oh well. Me and my imagination, mind me ;p

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