Google Indonesia actually has been in Jakarta since March 2012. But just recently they moved to a new office in Sentra Senayan II, 28th floor. Honored to be among their first guests last week (27Nov13).

Google offices always keep the startup feel & spirit. There’s no boundary between any level, all googlers are equal. Even the CMO’s desk is right beside an intern. And unlike most offices in Jakarta, Google Indonesia has no office boy. So everyone is responsible to clean up their mess.

Every part of the new office is amusingly cozy, as you can see it from the pics above. They made it that way on purpose: so that the googlers feel free and comfy to work in any part of the office. Fyi, they dont have absence system. Their laptop is their office, they can work anywhere they want.

Every corner is beautifully designed with local ornament. The main Google logo behind reception desk is decorated with batik stamp maker. Why not batik fabric? Well, apparently because there is Google office somewhere in this continent has claimed batik as theirs =p So yeah, Google Indonesia put the master of batik maker instead. Smart!

Every room is uniquely named with random Indonesian words: Cucok, Capcus, Ondel Ondel, Pasar Malam, Stadium, Merdeka! Gudang Rejeki, Pangkalan Ojek, Bung Karno, Gelora Asmara, Potong Bebek Angsa, Alun Alun, and of course the most fave highlight, Warung Mbah Google =)

Warung Mbah Google provides free healthy food & drink 24 hours for all googlers. And of course, Indonesian food! You can see it from Menu of the Day pic above. There are also Indonesian vintage snacks such as gulali, kuping gajah, kuaci, kripik pisang, etc. for soiree refreshment. And after those yummy food, clear your throat by drinking mineral water with fresh lemon/apple/mint, while enjoying the sunset outside !

Congrats once again to Google Indonesia for the new office; looking forward to future invitation and collaboration!

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