My Life Highlights in a Decade

A recap of my life being 30s in a decade, from 2010 to 2019

2010 - Get Out of Comfort Zone
Unlocked my social media and use it as my bridge to wider world other than my family. Revamp my blog . Initiated Startuplokal that turned out as Indonesia’s biggest startup community.

2011 - First Visit to Europe (Free)
Got invited to visit Dublin by Enterprise Ireland as #Startuplokal initiator. Learnt a lot on how Ireland government supports local startup ecosystem. Eye-opening knowledge about startup incubators.

2012 - First Incubator & Coworking Space
Implementing knowledge gained from Dublin, co-founded ProjectEden, the first startup incubator & co-working space in Menteng. Hosted Marissa Mayer and 40 Google Managers worldwide there.

2013 - First Visit to USA (Free)
Got invited by US Department of State for International Visitor Leadership Program to learn about entrepreneurship for almost a month in Washington DC, New York, Kansas, Las Vegas, LA. Also visit Chicago for Michael Buble concert all by myself :)

2014 - First Comeback to School
In the journey to find peace of mind, I find it through 2 things: my postgrad study in counseling, and marriage enrichment by GKI Samanhudi. By the end of the year I finally gained peace of mind thoroughly :)

2015 - First Visit to Maldives 🇲🇻
Made my dream come true to celebrate wedding anniversary with hubby in luxury resort in Maldives for almost a week. And had fun summer vacation in Batu Malang with my family, mom and parents in law. 

2016 - First Snow Experience (Free)
Got invited by World Bank to visit South Korea thru ETHOS program held by SUNY Korea for around 2 weeks and got my first snow experience there. Also got invited to Global Entrepreneurship Summit in SF, US.

2017 - First Family Trip to USA
Did our “nazar” to take our whole family with our parents too to have holiday in USA for 2 weeks exploring San Francisco, Orlando, and Washington DC. Came home to our newly-bought dream house.

2018 - Globe Trotter & Massive Learner
Traveled to 30 cities in 10 countries in 4 continents within a year, mostly are free: Hawaii, Japan, Aussie, US, Portugal, etc. Got master degree in counseling, course in UC Berkeley, MBTI & NLP certification.

2019 - First Visit to Santorini
Made another dream come true, celebrate wedding anniversary in Santorini! Spent 2 full weeks exploring four islands of Greece just the 2 of us and still wanna come back 💟 Took another master degree majoring theology with concentration in counseling.

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