Forgiveness and Reconciliation 

About Forgiveness

Forgiveness involves bringing your pain to God. It also involves time. It’s an event that you choose to do it. It’s a journey because it needs time to really forgive. Over time it gets easier. We forgive and then we remember but we dont have to talk about it, or even think about it anymore. Sometimes you think when you’re looking back, you don’t really forgive. Remind yourself that it’s normal. People needs time to look back, because forgiveness needs time. When someone says forgiving is forgetting, that they will never think about it again, it’s IMPOSSIBLE. It’s like pretending. You can never really forget it (because everything is permanent in your brain, unless you get amnesia); but you can choose not to recall it. Our inability to forgive is mostly about pride. 

About Reconciliation 

We can seek reconciliation but not everyone is willing to reconcile with us. Part of reconciliation is that you have to admit that you have done wrong. So when someone hurts you, you can forgive them but not always reconcile with them because they dont admit they have done something wrong to you. Just like God always opens His door to us but He never force us to enter His Kingdom. He gave us freedom to choose. Likewise, you always have freedom to choose: live with hatred & conflict, or live with love & peace. 

Ied Mubarak 1436 H 
Nuniek Tirta A.

Inspired & noted from Trauma Healing Equipping Session, July 2015

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