I'm Nuniek Tirta, an Indonesian woman living in Jakarta.

Indonesia digital industry's networker, @startuplokal initiator, @Octovate Network Relationship Manager, @nataliardianto lover, M&V mother, JC follower, and a magister student in counseling study.

This blog is made to capture moments in my life, thoughts in my mind, observation upon surroundings, and anything that catches my interest. My biggest interest is human and travel.

Feel free to drop me an email to nuniek at =)
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Printed on concorde paper, glued back to back and ready to put in her bedroom’s door :) with Natali – View on Path.

M (7,5) designed door signs with Ms. Paint

Dimension is open
Dimension is closed with Natali – View on Path.

M created this character by herself complete with Q&A !

It’s 1 of 7 characters she created, 6 more to go ~ on the making :))

#factyro #MCreations – View on Path.


#Day20 : The last song alphabetically in your iTunes

Your Love Is King ~ Sade – Preview it on Path.


#Day19 : The first song alphabetically in your iTunes

Abide With Me - Joslin Grove Choral Society – Preview it on Path.

Beli buku biografi Michael Buble ini di Las Vegas setahun lalu, belum pernah baca sampai habis, cuma kelar liat2 gambar.

Nah sekarang dikasih alasan kuat buat baca sampai tuntas, untuk bahan makalah mata kuliah Konseling Karir :D

*kiss kiss Mas Buble* at Epicentrum Walk (epiwalk) – View on Path.

Tepat setahun lalu, batal nonton F1 di Spore yg udah dibooking jauh2 hari tiket, pesawat dan penginapannya, demi suami yg kekeuh minta ditemenin ke Lombok. Hanguslah semuanya.

Eh tahun ini suami dapet tiket Grand Prix non-transferable di Pit Straight Club Suite dari klien. Pengennya sih gantian kekeuh nemenin, tapiiii… 3.720 Euro buat nontonnya doang? 🙀🙀🙀

Ga bisa ya tiketnya dijual buat tabungan ke Santorini ajah? 😹😹😹 – View on Path.

Suppressed Feelings

For over a decade I had been repressing a certain feeling that I thought was improper. At times I felt guilty and often punish myself for not being able to control it. I lived on denial. It was accumulated and eventually manifested in digestive and respiratory system disorders.

My psychologist told me, “Don’t suppress it, don’t repress it. Find one certain thing that triggers you to have that feeling, and work on it. Get a strategy to handle it”

Yes, feelings must be accepted as blessings. Without feelings, we human will be no different than animals. What’s more important is how we take responsible action with that feeling. Coz sometimes we can’t control our feelings, but we can control our behavior on it. – View on Path.

Validate feelings

Michelle created this day circle by herself. Red means bad day, blue means good day, black means best day. She’s free to sign it based on her feeling of the day. It’s a good way to express her feeling and I encourage her to keep doing it.

I learnt in pretty tough way how important it is to validate a feeling. As a child, we’re often afraid to express our feelings, especially the negative ones. And as parents, we tend to suppress our child’s negative emotions.

Just be honest, how many times you heard, or even said: “Udah, jangan nangis. Gitu aja kok sedih.” ? I did that too, a lot. My bad :(

Suppressing feelings is absolutely not good for our emotional health. In short term, it can cause deeper disappointment and distorted anger. In long term, it can cause psychosomatic problems and mental illness.

So, let’s encourage kids to express what they feel and help them to validate their feelings, be it positive or negative. – View on Path.


#Day18 : A song that you love but rarely listen to

Spain (I Can Recall) - Al Jarreau

Simply because I couldn’t stand the butterfly effect. – Preview it on Path.