I'm Nuniek Tirta, an Indonesian woman living in Jakarta.

Indonesia digital industry's networker, @startuplokal initiator, @Octovate Network Relationship Manager, @nataliardianto lover, M&V mother, JC follower, and a magister student in counseling study.

This blog is made to capture moments in my life, thoughts in my mind, observation upon surroundings, and anything that catches my interest. My biggest interest is human and travel.

Feel free to drop me an email to nuniek at =)
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He’s been selling fruits & vegetables since I live here 8 years ago. He walks at least 10km everyday from 6am to 2pm to sell fruits & vegetables, from one housing complex to another. He passes by my house at least twice a day, sometimes 4 times on his unlucky day. I appreciate his effort and support his family economy by buying things from him even though I can get discounted price from hypermarket. And oh, he deserves THR too. – View on Path.

Today’s #morningwalk :

Jadi penglaris jualan tukang mainan. Beli 1 mini billiard 10rb, krn ga ada kembalian (abangnya baruu aja jualan) jadi sekalian beli barbie monopoli 10rb jg. Bukan cuma si kk yg girang dibeliin 2 mainan, si abang juga hepi karena pagi2 udah dapet rejeki :)) – View on Path.

Apparently my 7,5 year old girl is so sure that Jokowi is the president of Indonesia even before KPU announce the result 😁 – View on Path.


Baru nemu berita ini. Tersebar di dan banyak lagi. – View on Path.

Go go daddy go! :))


Tiket Bersiap Go Regional – View on Path.

Go go go :)


Mykonos - Greece (von Dorli Photography)

Ha! There is Greece! Flip flop!


Northern Ireland - Ireland (von Timo Kirkkala)

Ah how I miss Ireland!

But later, after Greece :))

Pulang dari Chicago, daddy bawa oleh2 pesanan anak2: tas & sepatu Twinkle Toes yg kelap kelip warna warni ituh. Mereka girangnya bukan main, mommynya juga girang karena di sana jauh lebih murah, di sini kan muahal buanget. Pas promo buy 1 get 1 free pula! Mereka pake terus kalau jalan2 & sekolah Minggu. Tapi mereka nggak mau pake ke sekolah coz as they said, “too bling2. I just wanna be modest.” Haha good girls! – View on Path.

Quote from Dra. Rieny Hasan in the latest Nova Tabloid and I couldn’t agree more.

My mom always emphasize this keyword: “togetherness”. I think that’s one of her key to the everlasting marriage with my late dad for 36 years.

They’re always together, whenever, wherever. – View on Path.

Melihat kesuksesan kakaknya yg kebanjiran order bookmarks, si adek nggak mau kalah, bikin juga :))

Ini judulnya Firestand, entah dia dapat ide dari mana :))) – View on Path.