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Wow, it’s been more than 5 MONTHS since the last time I post on this blog?
*hush hush dust*

Ok, I’m not gonna give some lame excuses like busy and such.

But lately, writing in Instagram story feels more fun than in blog because I can interact directly with the readers. And more rewarding too, because statistic shows that my Instagram story reader number for a day equals to my blog reader   number for a year!

Anyway, it still feels good tho to re-read my blog post.

I just reminded about it when I shared about our superwoman domestic helper, #MbakTransformer in Instagram story. I looked up my blog archive about housemaid and glad I once wrote down my past experiences so not only I can learn from it, but my readers too.

My life is such an open book, anyone can read and learn from it.

So I told myself, hey, why not keep writing and documenting my life, no matter how trivial it is, no matter how short or long it is, no matter how few the blog reader compared to the Instagram story viewer is.

Because I supposed to write not to impress, but to capture memories, thoughts, and everything that comes to my attention, so I can revisit it anytime, just like old times.

Collect memories, not things? Yes, please.

Well here are some memory collections from January to June 2019:


-       Got ankle injury after fell down at home’s toilet and it brought a blessing a disguise: during bedrest I have plenty of time to share on my Instagram story, started from a follower’s question about financial. One thing to another, came to a topic about our struggle in the first years of marriage. I gave it a title: The Real Marriage Life. Since so many people dm me about their marriage and struggles too, I made an additional account @therealmarriagelife to answer similar questions.


-       Held our very first Couple Workshop in KawanMain where we shared about our lessons learned in marriage life about understanding family tree, managing expectation & reality, assertive communication, and MBTI. What supposed to be only 2 hours turned out to be 4 hours :)
-       I also held semi-private MBTI Assessment based on request of my follower from Sumatera with an instant preparation in a sudden. Thank God it turned out very well :)
-       Invited by Bekraf for Orbit Event, where I shared my knowledge about investment as acquired from VC Unlocked 500 Startups in UC Berkeley last year and enriched with my own experience in startup investments.  
-       Must-waited event of the year: Big Bad Wolf Books 2019. Like previous years, I helped them again in distributing VIP invitations to my friends and followers.
-       Opened #Startuplokal Monthly Meetup which was converted to #Startuplokal Monthly Workshop. This month was about Product Design Sprint led by Mas Faren. Love the atmosphere!


-       Invited twice in a month by KTV to share about parenting tips for Parent Things program. It was taping and get on air a few months later.
-       Held MBTI Workshop Online & Offline in Kantorkuu Citywalk Sudirman attended by 35 online and 24 offline participants. It was fun!
-       Hosting Arisan Sosrosoepardjan on my curly girl’s birthday at home, full house!
-       Back to School! Started class to get Master of Theology in STT Baptis Jakarta.
-       Sharing about “Cara Atur Pemakaian Gadget Anak” on Sisternet event in Kemenkominfo building.
-       Opened #Startuplokal Monthly Workshop about Drafting and Reading Legal Document led by Ivan Lalamentik in Telkom Tower.


-       Learned about investment (again) at GIST Investors Mobilization Training Program, with real case simulation. Got useful knowledge for angel investor.
-       Learned about entrepreneurship (again) at Binus University as part of UMKM Knowledge Festival Week about Business Strategy Implementation. Got useful knowledge for entrepreneur.
-       Learned about Couple Counseling Technique from Ibu Ilyana Widodo at Rumah Konseling Jakarta. Got useful knowledge for counselor.
-       On duty assisting hubby speaking at some events, such as PPBT Business Camp 2019 by Kemenristekdikti in Grand Mercure Kemayoran; and Business Talk about “Startup Exit Story” by Iluni UI in Depok Digital.
-       Invited to speak in front of 37 Ibu Bhayangkari Metro Bekasi in Begreno Puncak Bogor. I shared about “Istri Bersahaja, Suami Tenang Bekerja”.
-       Indonesia’s National Election Day! Of course I voted, and celebrated Indonesia’s democracy party.
-       Family day out in Ragunan, just like good old days!


-       Learned about Due Dilligence from my co-investor Gitta at #Startuplokal Workshop, and the next week I also learned about Family Capital for Successful Family Business and Career from his dad Pak Handi Irawan at Family First Seminar.
-       Hubby and I were both invited to speak at The Next Dev 2019 in Novotel Bogor. Hubby shared about “22 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Startup”, while I shared about “Team Dynamics and Leadership using MBTI Instruments”.
-       Accompanied hubby speaking at Kampoeng IT BCIC 2019 by Kementerian Perindustrian in Denpasar Bali.
-       While in Bali, I held private MBTI Assessment class as requested by Mbak Fanina Yulianthi, held in her own Niki Diagnostic Center Clinic.
-       Raised funds for our cousin Tessa who’s fighting leukemia through platform , kindly donate here: KitaBisa Tessa.
-       Host iftar with my family in our home with the background of Christmas tree, as we all live in harmony :)
-       Beside iftar with family, we also did iftar with our extended family from ex and also with our small town house neighborhood. Love it.
-       FINALLY MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE: CELEBRATE OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY IN SANTORINI !!! Of course this one deserves one special post. I’m now finishing full episode video of our trip. Will recap it here soon! Meanwhile, you can check the videos on my IGTV here :)


-       Right after our 14 Days Greece Trip to Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos, Piraeus and Athens, we went straight to my mom’s hometown Bangka Island in Sumatera for celebrating Idul Fitri with my family.
-       I lost count on how many happiness I’ve got during this month because I enjoyed it so much in real life that I didn’t care to share it much on social media. PLUS, I have a tendency to keep our beautiful pics for myself quite some time before I finally post it, just like the pic on this blog header, hehe.

Ok I think that’s pretty much sum up my memories during the first semester of 2019. This post has been on my draft for a couple of weeks, and just now I got the time to finish it in the middle of dizziness of studying Masoretic in class, LOL. Guess I should document AND post it more often so I could share it with you all.

How was your first semester of 2019? Hope it was great too!

End of June 2019,

Nuniek Tirta 

PS: Click on the links to find out more of what I was talking about :)

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