Wonderful 36th Birthday

Unlike most women who are reluctant to reveal their real age, I’m proud to say that I’m turning 36 today! Call me boastful but trust me, most of the people who just knew me won’t believe my age, they thought I’m 20 something ;) Well I myself always feel like I’m stuck in 22 :))

Started the day with super sweet midnight surprise from hubby: a big vas of beautiful flower with lovely smell, a classy watch, and a cute birthday cake. Finally after more than a decade he gave me birthday surprise, I’m so happy I almost cry! I love every single of the gift.

Spent the day with hubby, #Startuplokal partners, friends and new acquaintances at Indonesian - Swedish Digital Forum 2016, where hubby went on stage as moderator. Dropped by at Ben’s place Pao Pao and treat Ollie & Anantya dimsum & drink, before we had dinner & wine at Sweden Ambassador Residence.

Thank you to all family & friends for the birthday wishes! I’m so sorry if I haven’t replied it one by one yet, got hundreds of it in my inbox, whatsapp, and socmed accounts. But trust me, I will read it all :) And I just realized that my cellphone is on airplane mode the whole day, so sorry if you have difficulty in calling me.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016
The Happiest Girl of the Day
Nuniek Tirta - 36 going 22 ;)

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  1. Ahhh..Happy Birthday 36 going 22
    Sehat selalu ya, masih tampak 20 taon ko

  2. Waah what a lovey number..happy 36 going to 22...
    Salam kenal mba Nunik.

    1. hai mbak ophi, salamk kenal juga, thank you yaaa :)