Dari kemarin ini seliweran di timeline, tapi aku penasaran: sebenernya para pria udah pada beneran paham belum ya kalo ngga dikasih tau contoh konkritnya seperti apa? 

Attention is… 
To listen and not only hear when your woman is speaking. 
To ask “how are you, how are your feeling today?” during the day 
To bring her favorite food & drink out of the blue

Affection is…
To be with her when she’s down.
To hug her when she’s upset or sad or mad. 
To take care of her when she’s sick because even vvip treatment from the best hospital couldn’t make her feel better than you do.

Appreciaton is…
To share domestic duties without grump especially when you never thank her for doing it all the time. 
To support her when she needs a break from daily routines for a while. 
To tell her if you’re unhappy when she has done something wrong instead of keep silent or even backstabbing her by telling it to others and let her clueless. 

Itu versi aku. Bagaimana versi kamu? 

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