So.. My 5 year preschooler drew this wrecking ball and confessed that she watched the original video with her 7 year old sister. You know, the video of Miley being totally naked swinging on the ball :|

My natural reaction as a mom was of course to be startled. I was tempted to judge her for doing wrong, but I know it’s not the wise thing to do. So instead, I sat side by side and made a casual conversation with her just like a friend.

Me: “What do you think of the video?”
Her: “I closed my eyes because it looks embarrassing”
Me: “Why is it embarrassing?”
Her: “Because the person doesn’t wear clothes”
Me: “Do you think it’s right to watch it?”
Her: “No”
Me: “Why”
Her: “Because it’s for adults not for kids.”

At this point, she just realized what she did was not right. Then suddenly she begged me not to tell daddy, because she’s afraid daddy will be angry. She did it with kitten eyes that made me laughed out loud :))

I already told her dad before that but she doesn’t know. When her dad was about to confront her, I ssshhh him and act as if there was nothing :D

On our way home last night, I told hubby why we should appreciate our children’s honesty by not judging them. Because if we do that, they won’t feel secure for telling us the truth anymore. They’d rather tell lies than getting mad at. Let them always be comfortable for being open to their parents.

PS: I just watched the video for the first time right after she told me -_-”

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