My terrace door was locked for several days. I’ve been trying hard to open it but always failed. The harder I pushed the key to the right (open direction), the strongest it seems to stuck. The door was left unopened, and all I got was hurt in my fingers.

Today I desperately tried it one more time. I pushed it hard, and again, failed. But suddenly, out of nowhere, I had an idea to pull it backward. I turned it to the left (lock direction), it is locked even deeper. Then I turned it to the right, twice, almost without effort, and voila! The door is successfully open!

My mom once told me a story when she was in Makkah. There’s an old couple who fought hard and everyone in the camp knows. The next day, the man brought the woman food, as a gesture of apology, although without saying sorry verbally. The woman, who were still offended, refused it. Mom gave her an advice, “Keras jangan dilawan dengan keras. Jadinya hancur.”

The same advise should’ve been given to me 12 years ago. I thought I’ve done every possible way to conquer a relationship, but in fact I did it in a wrong way, tried too hard on a wrong direction. Just learnt this when everything is too late..

“You must know the key by now. Don’t challenge the ego. Feed it. It will succumb by its own weight, on your direction, later. Resistance is futile. Trying to break it, you will end up breaking yourself.”

Had only all women know the key, I guess we won’t need to sing these lines of Wrecking Ball wholeheartedly with Miley..

“I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
And instead of using force
I guess I should’ve let you win..”

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