Women Are Like Cars?

Stumbled upon this and triggers me to write this post :

Women are like cars

As they get more mileage on them they become less reliable and attractive. So when one gets old and used you trade up to a newer model, just like a car. Actor Ryan Phillippe shows a prime example. He started dating Reese Witherspoon when she was young and attractive. She popped out a few kids and got older so he traded up to Abbie Cornish, 6 years younger than Reese Witherspoon and a lot hotter.After a few years he traded up again to Alexis Knapp, 7 years younger than Abbie Cornish. Men get more attractive and desirable with age where women become less desirable. That is a good reason why men should never marry.
Sadly, how debatable it is, I found this partly true. BUT, there’s a but, it mostly applies if women are not willing to upgrade themselves, both inner & outer. And I, as far as I’m concerned, wouldn’t be one of them. At least, not anymore.

At the beginning of our dating days almost a decade ago, I was the one who got that shining star, thus my friends were questioning why I chose him, from all the men who tried to approach me. Of course there were plenty other men who are more adorable physically, but his beautiful mind and self-quality had invited butterflies in my stomach that no other man can do to me.

I was chic and he was geek, so what? Make him a metrogeeksual, that’d be perfect combo, right :) And yes we did it. Soon later, like about a year, my friends were asking what did I do to him that he became as shining as I am, as if it’s as magical as “pimp my ride” TV show! Hahaha.

Then we were married, and soon have kids. Yes, with s. I gained 24kgs during maternity and only lost 5kg after birth, which of course make me look less attractive physically. Being a stay at home mom, I rarely put on full make up if I don’t have events to attend. My days were all about juggling between kids and my tiny business. I wasn’t eager to socialize at all especially with new people, be it online and offline.

While my hubby, he exists either in cyber or real world, even became a must-watch rockstar in digital industry. My shining star was slowly fading away, while he stays even shinier. But I was so happy with my own little family, and felt that I have such a perfect life.

That, was the danger of being in a comfort zone: too cozy & comfy that it prevents us to improve ourselves for the better future. In fact, we never know what kind of bigger happiness we’ll find if we go out of that comfort zone.

And please, take my advise for free: keeping up with your spouse is one of the important keys in maintaining a good marriage. Seriously.

Two years ago, early April 2010 to be exact, I decided to move out of the comfort zone to see the new horizon for several reasons. The easiest way, I started it with this blog and social media. I made a serial blog post, unlocked my facebookand twitter account, added new friends, got involved in conversations, attended gatherings, and bigger step: built a new community.

At the beginning, people only knew me as “the wife of @nataliardianto”. But now, I got the recognition as much as hubby had, if I can’t say even more (if the number of twitter followers can be the parameter) hehehe :D

As I upgrade my appearance to be more stylish, compliments starts coming in, and I get used to it. Flattering words like “Everytime I see you again, you become prettier and prettier. What’s your secret, actually?” or “You have a pleasant personality and a charming beauty, what a perfect combo” or even “Istrinya makin cantik aja Mas, hati2 direbut orang lho!” :))

A guy from a silicon valley company once asked, “Now that you’re on the spotlight, ain’t he jealous or feel insecure?” I can safely say, “One of many things I love from him: he feels secure with our relationship that he barely jealous with any other guy that stare at me or get in touch with me. That’s sexy! If there’s any guy that can make him shows his jealousy, that man gotta be seriously outstanding.”

So back to the topic where men compare women as cars, I would say: who said men have to stick with one car? No, I’m not talking about recommending a polygamy nor adultery here, as I’m opposing that.

Maksud saya, sudah seharusnya wanita mampu beradaptasi dan siap bertransformasi untuk mengimbangi level pasangannya. Dengan fleksibilitas kita, wanita bisa kok menjadi sedan elegan, sports car mewah, family minibus, spacious van, comfy wagon, SUV, bahkan truk yg kuat dan bus yg tahan banting jika diperlukan. Dan tetap menjadi diri kita sendiri, bukan orang lain. 

Kalau saya boleh mengibaratkan diri dengan satu jenis mobil saja saat ini, saya memilih menjadi Mazda CX-5 SkyAktiv.

  • It’s a family SUV that drives as a sports car >> they call me hotmom, sexy mommy, mahmud, you name it.
  • It got stylish and premium interiorwhere comfort and function combined >> tampil stylish itu selain membuat diri saya nyaman, juga membuat orang yang saya temui merasa dihargai.
  • It got dynamic styling, combining power and beauty >> I can be powerful and beautiful as well :D.
  • And most importantly, it has SkyAktiv Technology where performance and economy combined >>tampil sophisticated bukan berarti harus selalu high maintenance.
That’s what I call efficiency and performance at last, just like Mazda CX-5 :) Aaand, whoever said that women become less desireable with age, must have never seen this AskMen’s No.1 Desired Woman 2012 who is a mother of a 20-year-old son!

I just found out about her after somebody told me on twitter this morning that I look like her. Thou I dont see the resemble, but I’d just take that as a compliment, with an amen that I’d be as desirable as I am now in her age ;p

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